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Well known for selling beautiful metal artwork on ETSY, store owners Diane, Leo, and their daughter, Chasity, combine artistry and custom works to bring their unique vision to the metal art world.

To this end, they currently have thousands of happy Etsy customers and social media fans. In effort to make shopping even more convenient for their buyers, their new website gives shoppers the ability to order items quickly and efficiently from any device.

What started as a fun hobby for Diane and Leo has transformed into a full-time business. All of their custom-designed products are made by hand in the USA within the walls of their family owned and operated shop!  Each and every item is made with care and close attention to detail, resulting in a finished product that is of the highest quality. 

Leo has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and has worked with metal products for over 25 years. Diane’s background is in Accounting, Operations Management, Project Management and Payroll. Leo spent years consulting and providing services to other fabricators in setting up their shops. Utilizing their respective backgrounds and commitment to working together, they opened the doors to their very own custom metal fabrication shop in 2014.  

Joined by their daughter, Chasity, in 2016, this family business continues to grow and expand as they plot their course into the future. 

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