Deciding when it’s right to require an account

In the world of eCommerce, the idea of forcing a potential customer to do anything fills us with dread. We use calls to action and marketing […]

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The importance of product reviews and how to get them Woocommerce – WordPress

Amazon, Wal-mart, and Target aren’t just popular retailers — their websites also serve as resources. Thousands of people flock to these sites daily to research products […]

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The elements of a successful subscription business – Woocommerce – WordPress

According to a cross-channel marketing report conducted by Responsys and Econsultancy, 70% of companies find it’s more costly to acquire new customers than it is to bring […]

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Panama Papers – Mossack Fonseca – WordPress

Panama Papers Leak may be due to outdated WordPress plugins The news this week has been filled with the so called “Panama Papers” which have resulted […]

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